Happy Endings

Here are some of our cats who have found their happy endings. Some of the cats which come into our rescue have had extremely difficult lives or have encountered life threatening situations. They have been given the best care possible and have survived against the odds to find their forever homes.


Belle was one of the first cats we caught during our initial trapping day at Greenhead park. She came into foster where she spent the majority of the first week completely hidden in a cardboard box. After she had been neutered and had been there just over a week, her fosterer began the taming process! Her foster mum spent every evening sat with her, at first at opposite sides of the room, slowly getting closer. Belle refused to come out of her igloo bed whilst people were present but as time went on, she started to become braver (with treats as encouragement).

It took around 4 weeks before her foster was able to touch her whilst in the bed and a further 2 weeks until she was comfortable to walk around the room and be stroked. It was clear that Belle wanted to be stroked and to play however she was just very timid as she had had little human contact and was born outside.

The bond between Belle and her foster mum was one which couldn’t be broken and it was decided that she would become a permanent member of her family. She is now much more confident, even allowing other people to touch her. She absolutely loves all the other cats in the house and often comes for cuddles on the sofa. It took a lot of time, patience and dreamies, but seeing her now, makes it all worthwhile!


Dandelion (now Symmetra)

Dandelion was found on a main road, injured, cold and hungry, she was taken to the vets for a check-up and they found she couldn’t use her front left leg due to a dislocation.  The X-ray showed that her shoulder-blade was snapped near where the joint was held in. A heart-breaking decision was made to amputate her leg at just 7 weeks old.  Upon further inspection of the leg after amputation, 2 further breaks in her leg were found and her injuries consistent with being stamped on so hard it had snapped her bones.  It was later learned that she was one of 4 kittens callously thrown out to fend for themselves. Luckily her siblings were found and unhurt.

Vets4pets at Huddersfield did the treatment and amputation and then she came in to our care, she was provided round the clock care and given pain relief. She had special food to help her growth and her fosterer helped her adjust to life with just three legs until she could manage on her own. 

Since then she has healed well and enjoys playing alongside her adopted brothers and sisters in her forever home. Despite her rough start in life she is extremely loving and has a very happy playful nature. Her humans have renamed her Symmetra and she was vaccinated and recently spayed and has been exploring outdoors under close supervision.


Handfeeds - Faith, River, Storm & Little Leaf

We were alerted to a farmer’s intentions to dispose of these four tiny kittens if they were not removed from the farm, we went and rescued them and took them into our care. These little ones were only days old and there was no sign of mum cat and we were unable to leave them where they were due to the danger their little lives were in.   Two of our Co-Founders took on the role of being mummy cat, taking shifts at bottle feeding every 2-4 hours continuously for weeks.  

Before and after each feed the kittens have to be stimulated to go to the toilet as mum cat would do for them as they are unable to do this for themselves at this age.

They were kept on heat pads / heat mats to ensure that they were warm and comfortable.  Once they got a little older the bottle feeding was reduced the more solids they ate. Throughout these stages they received regular veterinary checks, and parasite treatment.

Once they reached the stage of weaning, they were introduced to softened kitten kibble and kitten mousse to encourage them to start eating solids. This can be the very messy stage as kittens tend to like to stand in their food and it ends up everywhere mostly all over the kittens!!.

When they reached 9 weeks old they were all taken for another health check and received their first vaccinations. Over the coming weeks they were adopted in pairs to their forever homes. We receive regular updates and pictures of them, they have grown into beautiful cats.

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Lucifer (now Jay) & Amelia (now Quinn)

This little pair came in to rescue in February 2017 after their previous owner advertised them online as “free to a good home” when they were only 9-10 Month old. We stepped in and took them in.

Being brother and sister we were really keen on keeping them together, luckily a wonderful lady offered them their forever home together. 

Look how they have grown Amelia (Now Quinn) snuggling in her favourite place, and Lucifer (now Jay) showing his human their place! Both have settled so well and are extremely cheeky. They are full of life and in great health!

Amelia (April 2019)


Lucifer (April 2019)

Lucifer 1

Ginge (now Bertie)

This lovely little boy came in to rescue in March 2017 after his owner handed him in due to a  change in circumstances. Ginge was one of the earliest kitties who came to us shortly after Huddersfield Feral and Strays started up.

He won the hearts of his fosterers and his new family. He is now called Bertie and below is a little update from his owners. 

“Bertie was one of your first foster cats,  he was 2 years old we’ve had him nearly 2 years too now.  He was formerly known as Ginge, he is absolutely adorable. We love him to bits would always recommend you for anyone wanting a cat not just kittens, mum cats too need homes”

IMG_1505075218496 1
20220121_201735 1
20211122_065619 1

Hadrid (now Flash) & Pomona Sprout (now Arrow)

These little kittens were part of the Harry Potter crew who were handed in after their owner signed them over to our rescue in October 2018. They wanted to ensure that they found safe and forever homes. The owner also consented to us spaying mum cat to ensure she didnt have any more kittens.

These little ones have certainly grown, below is a little message from their family along with some pictures. 

“Hi just sending you an update on Flash (was Hadrid) and Arrow (was Pomona Sprout). They were part of the Harry Potter kittens.  We adopted flash in October and Arrow shortly after as she has an umbilical cord hernia that needed surgery, so she stayed in the care of Sam until healed.

They have been the most amazing whirlwind additions to our family and keep adult cat Clark on his toes! Flash in particular has bonded with Clark. They also really like to make sure our dog Holly is loved. They love human cuddles and playing with everything but their toys. Thank you so much for rescuing them and giving them a second chance.”

Hadrid (now Flash) - October 2018

Hadrid 1

Pomona Sprout (now Arrow) - October 2018

Pomona Sprout 1

Look at them now all grown up! Enjoying cuddles (April 2019)


Is Christmas Dinner ready yet???? (April 2019)


Roxy (now Tiny) & Pebbles (now Wagner)

These little kittens were born in foster in a litter of 6. Buttons was their mum and she was an excellent mother, however when they were only a few weeks old they displayed signs of E-Coli and two of the litter passed away. Four little kittens and mum cat Buttons pulled through and all found amazing homes.

These little ones have certainly grown, below is a little message from their family along with some pictures. 


“Tiny and Wagner (were Roxy and Pebbles) had their second birthdays on April 10th. We adopted them as a pair of sisters from Huddersfield Feral and Strays after their pregnant mum was taken in by the rescue. They had a touch-and-go start to their lives, both mum cat and kittens had e-coli and two of the litter died.

Thanks to round the clock care from staff at Vets4Pets (Lindley) and Sally, of Huddersfield Feral and Strays,  four of the litter and mum cat went on to be rehomed. Myself and my son were thrilled to adopt our small, fuzzy pair; Tiny caused some concern when she developed diarrhoea, but a trip to the vets and some probiotic paste helped sort that out.

The two sisters have grown in confidence, personality and stature. They have filled a cat-shaped gap in our lives and certainly make life more interesting for Amber the dog. Thank you so much Huddersfield Feral and Strays, we couldn’t be without them now xxx

Roxy (now Tiny) - April 2017


Pebbles (now Wagner) - April 2017


Roxy (now Tiny) - 2019


Pebbles (now Wagner) - 2019


Tankosaurus (Tank)

Tankosaurus (Tank for short) came in to rescue in October 2017 with an injured ear. It was an old injury but was infected and caused Tank alot of discomfort. He was not chipped or neutered, so after pain relief and antibiotics Tank was castrated, microchipped, vaccinated and had parasite treatment. 

Tank was adopted in November 2017 by a wonderful family.  Here is a little message from them.

“Thought you might like a picture of Tank enjoying his best life on my eldest’s bed.

He loves his life here. We don’t see him for days on end as he explores the fields and farms around us then he brings us back a mouse/shrew/vole/mole!! He’s a prolific hunter and has even taken a crow out of the sky but is the softest boy for cuddles”


Tankosaurus (Tank) - October 2017


Tankosaurus (Tank) - April 2019


Athena (now Marcey)

 Athena was part of a litter of kittens who came into rescue at 8 weeks old in April 2018. She soon found her home with a lovely family who have sent an update in.

“Hi, I wanted to share some photos and an update of one of the kittens you had up for adoption last year. She was Athena when we took her in. We renamed her Marcey. She celebrated her first birthday on the 20th of February. I made her a cat cake though she wasn’t a big fan of it beyond a few chicken pieces and the topping. I’m writing this while I have her and our two other cats pressed up against me sleeping. It’s been nearly a year since we brought her home and we just adore her.

Thanks again for choosing us for Marcey”

Athena (now Marcey) - April 2018


Athena (now Marcey) - April 2019


Athena (Now Marcey) - April 2019



Zaria came into rescue in July 2019, she is one of the worst cases we had come across to date. her tail and mouth were riddled in maggots and fly eggs and she had to have her entire body shave to remove them and have her wounds tended to. Her jaw was hanging down and the necrotic stench from her mouth was terrible. 
She certainly pulled at the heart strings of the rescue and vet staff and we were on a mission to fix her. She was so full of love despite the terrible state she had been allowed to get in. 
Following a Jaw Rewire, dental work, many days and nights in the vets we brought her into foster where she continued to thrive. We were truly thankful to Birstall Vets4Pets who did an incredible job of treating her and our amazing fosterers who gave her lots of love and care.
Zaria had an amazing human want to make her a part of her family and finally in September 2019 she left us to go to Ellie who  wrote this for us.
 “Our “Gotcha Day” was 7th of September 2019 and I’m delighted to report that Zaria is recovering really well, and is starting to be a somewhat normal cat. She is still timid at times but this is to be expected with what she has been through, however she is progressing each day. Everyone who helped Zaria in her recovery has done a brilliant job, and she will hopefully live a long and happy life with me”

December 2021 – Unfortunately through no fault of her own, Zaria has found herself signed over back to rescue and needing substantial dental treatment which the rescue are undertaking. Zaria is very loving and affectionate and we will do the very best we can for her.

71111061_404248483608546_8052673469336256512_n 1


This is a wonderful happy ending for Louis wrote by Louis’ Mummy.

“I moved house and could tell my cat was a bit lonely and would like a friend. So I contacted Huddersfield Feral and Strays with my situation and circumstances and asked which cat that suited my environment had been there the longest – and I met Louis! 

He was the most frightened, timid cat. He ran from me and hid in his fosterers storage cupboard. I was told he was abandoned by his first family once they got a dog and they didn’t get on! This beautiful boy was on the streets and looked after by a neighbour before HF&S stepped in. I said yes instantly!

When he came to me he hid behind the freezer for the first 3 weeks. It took him a year and a half before he ever sat on me. And now – nearly 3 years later, he screams at me for attention and love. He still hides around strangers but is getting used to other people – especially ones that come round often. He’s such a character and I can’t imagine my life without him!

He sometimes has nightmares and runs to me for comfort and he will fall asleep holding my hand. Every night, he cuddles up under my arm until he thinks I’m asleep before settling in his own sleeping space. He’s so special and perfect and I can’t thank HF&S enough!”

As you can see from the beautiful pictures, little Louis has certainly landed on his paws!


Peanut (still Peanut) & Karbon (now Jet)

This email was sent in by Tina who is the lovely mummy to two of Buttons Kittens – Karbon (now Jet) and Peanut.

“I am a crazy cat lover and these two, Peanut and Jet joined my house of 5 other kitties as I am a sucker haha.  I visited Sally where she had been doing an absolutely amazing job of raising these poorly kitties. They had e-coli and Jet was the poorlier one if the two. They are the brothers of the litter with Tiny and Wagner.

They are a pair of nutters but I wouldn’t have them any other way. Jet still has tummy issues and refuses to use a proper litter tray. He is very fussy and has 2 special trays with no litter in. He doesn’t like anything on his paws (weirdo) and he uses one to wee and the other for poop. BTW, like the others it pongs something bad!! At least he’s clean.

They are such softies and get on well with all the others.  Just look at them now. Very happy and loving life”

These two kitties were part of a very special litter who faced numerous problems from birth but fought so hard to find their forever homes. They look stunning !!! 

20200105_181313 1

Sub Zero (now Zero)

Sub Zero came to our attention in February 2021 after members of the public has noticed he was hanging about and seemed to be a stray. His long coat seemed matted and he wasn’t overly friendly and always scavenging for food. It seemed that he needed to come in to rescue and we set about trapping him. 

When he arrived in rescue he was a huge ball of angry fluff and we got him neutered, chipped and FIV/FeLV tested asap. We assessed his behaviour to determine if he would cope living indoors and we felt that he was a semi-feral kitty and although would tolerate human company on his terms he still wanted the freedom of outside.

Sally his fosterer took Sub Zero to the Brighouse branch of Calder Vets where one of the lovey nurses Zoe spotted him. It was love at first sight and right there and then Zoe decided that Sub Zero could live on her Stable Yard if Huddersfield Feral and Strays felt it would be suitable.

Checks were arranged, passed and Sub Zero went to live his best life at the Stables where he made friends with Bandit, Dessie, Winston and Bracken who are the resident horses!



Silky - Spider Crew Kittens

Silky was rescued along with 5 other kittens and 2 females in one of the worst rescues that we have ever had to deal with. The kittens were found amongst junk and rubbish in an outdoor cellar of a house which had been left empty. The poor kittens were surrounded by rotting carcasses of rats and other kittens which had not made it. 

These little kittens were petrified and after intense handling came around to accepting love and affection. 

Silky’s mum wrote this lovely email:-

” Silky was found in terrible conditions along side his mother, another adult female and 5 other beautiful kittens. They were living in the cellar of an abandoned house in cold, wet damp conditions and was said by the volunteers at HFS to be one of the worst conditions they’d seen.

We immediately fell in love with Silky when HFS sent a picture of him to us on a Batman bedsheet backdrop! We agreed to take him in and he’s brought so much happiness into our lives.

He’s a greedy boy with a passion for the outdoors! He loves to hunt and has brought me an array of treasures – most bigger than him! I have no idea how he gets these creatures through the cat flap?! He often has war wounds on his nose from fighting wood pigeons and squirrels!

His brother Gary arrived at a similar time to him and they love to hang out together. Silky loves a snuggle and drags his favourite toy around the house like a wee doggie. Thanks you HFS for bringing Silky boy into our life! – Olivia & James”

Silky certainly looks to be enjoying life!


Milo (now Merlo)

Here is a lovely little email from Milo’s (now Merlo) mummy. 

“Merlo (was Milo) came to share my house on 28th March 2021, just 2 weeks after I’d had to say goodbye to my beautiful girl Purdy 

He had been in foster care with the lovely Jayne and had been to the vets for some dental treatment. 

I understand that he had been found straying but had been reunited with his previous owners. They unfortunately decided that they couldn’t give him the home he deserved and relinquished him to Huddersfield Feral & Strays for rehoming. 

Jayne was extremely upset when I went to collect him, but I promised her that I would take care of him. 

He filled a very big gap that had just appeared in my life. I think it is true to say that we found each other just at the right time – it was meant to be! 

He is a very affectionate, loving boy.. most of the time!  But fiercely independent at others  He loves sleeping on my bed and lots of cuddles. 

I love him to bits and I think he feels the same about me! 

I’ve attached a few of the hundreds of photographs I have taken of my gorgeous boy.

Keep up the good work, you truly make such a difference xxx “

IMG_20211209_224440 1
IMG_20211004_152647 1
IMG_20210916_185140 1

Miss Tashe

Miss Tashe was one crazy little kitten when she came in to rescue, She has the cutest little face and she is full of mischief.

Her mummy Ellie sent us this email: –

“I don’t know a great lot about Miss Tashe background except that she came into rescue because of allergies in a family. Deep down I feel there must be more to it because of her behaviour. She is not a cat who likes to be held and can be really aggressive if I pick her up, she seems to be afraid of being held but the minute I let her go she’s straight back up as close as she can get to me.

She loves being stroked and obviously wants loves but just something in her background causes a fear of being held on to which comes out as aggression. Nevertheless she deserves love and happiness in life and that is what she has here with me and my 4 other cats. 

She has fallen in love with Oly my other moggie, she is the most unusual comical looking little cat with her moustache.

I absolutely love her to pieces and am so happy HF&S Rescued her and allowed me to have her.”